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With hundred’s of millions of pounds being spent every year on the refurbishment of vehicles that have reached the end of there lease term, is your Company / employee getting a fair deal and value for money when you return vehicles?

Are you aware of the intricacies of the BVRLA standard? This is the industry approved standard that most lease end vehicles will be assessed against.

Has your Lease Company highlighted the potential costs for repairs falling outside of this standard? In our experience excess mileage charges are published at the start of a contract term but refurbishment costs may be “brushed under the carpet”.

Does your organisation have the competency, time or inclination to deal with the inspector who will be sent out to inspect the vehicle for damage by the Lease Company?

If you can not answer yes to all of the above QVR Fleet Solutions offers a range of services that will remove the headache, protect your company / employee and save money.

Services include:

  • Inspection Prior to Lease end date
  • Written assessment of the vehicles condition
  • Confirmed quotation for any refurbishment required to reach return standard
  • Fast turn around refurbishment when required
  • Arrangement of loan vehicle if required
  • Hand back of the vehicle at yours or our facilities
  • Arbitration process in case of dispute


With our detailed knowledge of return standards we can take away any contention or dispute at lease end whilst protecting the interest of the lease company and the end user

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