QVR Fleet Refurbishment Solutions

QVR Fleet Solutions provides exceptional customer service through a mix of expertise, knowledge and old-fashioned values

We are a well established operation based in the Midlands providing a wide variety of automotive refurbishment solutions.

The primary activity of QVR is in returning rental, leased or corporate vehicles to industry agreed standards using the latest repair techniques.

We aim to minimise refurbishment costs whilst maximising the vehicles potential residual value.

Whatever the size of your company fleet, whether car or light commercial, - from one vehicle through to 20,000 - QVR offer every client a professional, individually tailored, cost effective method with regards to In-life, De-fleet or Lease-end, Inspection, Repair, Refurbishment, Hand-over or Hand-back.


Our experience
Our knowledge
Our old fashioned values
of customer service and
value for money -
A Winning Formula
















QVR Fleet Solutions Limited

Airmanship Hall,
Appletree Road,
Chipping Warden
Oxon OX17 1LQ
Tel: 01295 660505

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